The Big Day

So here I am. Sitting in another library, adding more words to my blog, and feeling very happy in all the birthday wishes coming from all parts of my life. Co-workers, especially the ones who I left behind in a transfer back in July, colleagues, friends, school mates, people who have spent time with me in different points in my life.

Had an interesting conversation last night on the American character, why the generalized American wants to to the right thing, but so often does not commit to the work that the right thing entails. How the individualistic drive can make it difficult for people to come together in a broader sense. How the destruction of the homogenizing institutions are bringing greater variation into the definition of what it means to be an American.

I have lived here in the country for over thirteen years, I have married my wife, and found a living in the career that I have chosen. I am not a citizen, so feel somewhat alienated from political processes. I have found many like minded people, great friends, and more. America continues to puzzle me, but I continue to live the best I can, working to help people understand whatever it is they seek to know, and appreciate the finer points in life.

I really need to remember this feeling, next time I am not feeling so high on life.

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