On the New, the Old, the Space Between

New is novelty, sharp, a mystery to engage with, desires fulfilled, uncertainty and exploration. Old is known, worn, wise, comfortable, blunted, dull, faded, reliable. There is the between, the path of learning that becomes the deeper rut of existing. The deep canyons of tradition, where the bottoms are shrouded in the darkness of assumption and certainty, and the heights of the unknown. There is also the path of comfort, the path from dynamic to static, from firm to sagging, from energetic to exhaustion. Sometimes is is easy to walk in the path carved from time by parents and community, well worn, known ways where the path can be seen from beginning to end. The same path can be breaking new ground, from the outsider, the curious, the disenchanted.

From ignorance to education, from blindness to insight and from fear to understanding, the path between is the change of the life. Sometimes there’s no escaping the mudslide, the falling rock, the hidden hole.

The desire of the new, the yearning for the comfort, the dyad driving the human condition, the duality of going to be and having been, every now a decision of experience, to do or to have done. To not be, to not decide is not to live, merely to exist.

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