On Learning Deeper Truths

Someone scheduled doesn’t show up, you are mildly inconvenienced. Learning that the absence was due to the near fatality of a family member, and even in the face of it, made provision for missing his job, leaves me a little in awe. The deeper truth here is that some people are supremely dedicated to their job, and will be extraordinary in the pursuit of excellence, even in the face of crippling fear and anxiety.

Some days I count myself lucky to be served by such dedicated people, and am reminded that the stories go deeper than we ever know in the moment.

Be patient with people, because there are depths that drive us, that sometimes make the surface stormy and annoying, but are fundamentally changing a person’s life. 

That’s really what amazes me about life. How much we don’t show to the world, and how it shapes what we do show.

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