Monthly Archives: December 2014

On the Definitions of Work

So, recently I came up with a way of thinking about what it is that I do.

I work for my organization.

While I am pretty sure my organization would like me to use the words “with” but for a while now, I have been dropping quickly down the chain from “with” to “for” and touching every now and again on “at”. This is a pretty significant turn for me, as I have long though of myself as a “with” person, merging the goals of the organization with my own, working for mutual advancement. Sometime in the past year, I have moved to “for”; the organization has need of my particular skill set and I am currently willing to provide it.

I think a combination of disillusionment, an awakening to the changed priorities of the organization, and a failure of the organization to deliver the change they expect to be seeing in us has resulted in my great disappointment with the organization. It is not unique, I find myself disappointed in a great many things these days, and I am not unaware of the maxim to examine one’s self if there is a series of difficulties that seem to be centered on yourself.

The new year brings change, and maybe a more personal change for me.  I don’t think I have time to spend simply being “at” a space. I want more than this.


On Getting Back to the Writing

There have been a LOT of changes in my life since I last wrote here. Some I will revisit and reflect upon, some will remain shrouded. Some things were mundane, some were fantastical.

I changed my job location in July, I got a new iPhone, I discovered two Rachels in my life have the same birthday. I observed 10:11 on 12-13-14, a phenomenon possible only with the United States peculiar to them calendering notation.

I observed the events in Ferguson at close hand. I read the torture reports. I saw an election swing the country in a more conservative direction.

Life continues, events occur. How we react, how we internalize is what makes us the people we are.