Monthly Archives: January 2015

On 2015 – moving on to the 47s

New years seem to bring me a sense of survival and renewal. Made it through one more, here comes another one. Intermittent writing has left me with a feeling of fragmentary reality, my public persona is just what I remember to throw out there every time I remember I should be trying to cultivate a public persona. So, not a resolution but an idea of bringing more of my life to the forefront.

I love my iPhone 6+. Love, love, love. Possibly to the point it is distracting me from my real life.

I want to watch more movies this year. In theaters. Eating popcorn. Like that a lot too.

Health and weight control seems to be an on-going concern for me and my partner. So aiming for a healthy weight for my 50s. Remember this, future you, you really want to be in better shape.