On Monday nights at the library

Monday night at the library. Staff gathering books, I am reviewing schedules and programs and making sure we have all the people we need to do the things that we promised to do. People come, people go. Books and movies come in, books and movies go out. The sound of money being counted in preparation for closing. The quiet consultation for people’s problems, and the hum of the machinery in the background, the thump of books being sorted to delivery for the morning, and the wheeze of an old self-check machine whose CPU fan is fighting the last good fight. Every Monday, pretty much the same.

Phone ring tones break the silence, and even when it is a classical music selection, it just creates  quiet annoyance. Ring tones are the bane of libraries.

Phone answered, peace returns, the quiet sounds of staff tired out by the day, and the departure of one of ours, gone for new opportunities in the Southwest. Another snowstorm is coming.

First Monday in March.

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